Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why does it have to do a damn fsck ?!?!?

In the very large Unix computing company I worked for some years ago there was this power failure that lasted maybe 30 minutes or so one afternoon...

If you have worked in the computing industry you no doubt have run across this type. A middle aged balding, maybe just a bit cross-eyed person that makes more than you do. This is the guy that is more than slightly odoriferous with perpetual microwave popcorn oil on his hands holding a 32 ounce plastic cup which he just filled up from the community coffeepot.

In his office the bookshelf is lined with many books in pristine condition, purchased on the company dime of course. In this case I would have bet that every Java book that was published at the time by O'Reilly was present and accounted for on his bookshelf. It was pretty to see them all lined up so neat and graceful on that shelf. The microwave popcorn oil never made it to the books.

At times this person had anger management issues no doubt caused by the economic turmoil and downfall of stock option value of which he no doubt had a vast fortune.

So the storm passed that afternoon and the power was returned and people started trudging back to their offices to get back to their tasks. This developer turned on his workstation, turned red with an angry look on his face and uttered "Why can't they make it so it doesn't have to do a a damn fsck!!!"

Just to put the proper perspective on this true tale - he was a developer in the network storage group.

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