Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Can See You Are The Expert

You came sauntering into my shop area inquiring about a thing to hook up to a laptop which you can then get on the internet with over the air.

I had just finished loading up another PC and the conversation turned from his question to various anti-virus applications and the ones that are of no value in his opinion as he looked at the desktop screen of that PC.

He admitted he didn't know about megabits and gigabytes and computers and all but I had a feeling he knew everything else.

I could immediately tell by the cowboy boots, large belt buckle, large gut and the dirty cowboy hat that read "Budweiser" on it that he was certainly an expert in all things and I was about to learn stuff.

I explained that he could go with either a USB or PCMCIA card with respect to wireless to connect to various places that offer free Wi Fi. There was b,g, and n wireless....

It stopped there and to my amazement the most profound thing happened in front of me! He was an immediate expert in Wi Fi! I was most humbled he came into my place of business and showed to me how these things are done. To think I slowly advanced my knowledge of computing over many years, and here was something that happened within minutes. Amazing. Right in front of me!

It was a humble experience - no glow in the Budweiser letters, no aura, just pure knowledge combined with a 6 or more decibel level in his voice as he testified about wireless.

Something I will never forget.

He would get back with me about a purchase - would I be that lucky? What might I learn then?

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