Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Social Networking Site - WeShreddit.Fast

(A Parody)
Many months or so ago I discovered a social networking site that allows one to register for free and submit articles of interest for others to examine. Based upon the communities tastes the submitted article could be given a goody or a nogoody nod from other users and processes.

There was one additional attribute bestowed on a user over time that was calculated based upon a highly guarded algorithm...the revered number referred to as a vibe. Many sought after the valued vibe and wondered why they never seemed to obtain any. Others wondered why their vibe count would dramatically drop. Then, vibe whores appeared more frequently, maybe testing the system!

Some thought predestination of unknown forces may be at hand while others seemed sure. Others with high numbers of
vibe and consistent goody points recommend to the unhappy contributers to just keep submitting.

The submissions by many would continue to disappear as fast as they submitted them.

So it appeared that the nogoody plague was continuing and eventually what was discovered below was agreed on by many users.

A Hopeful User Submits A URL

A Monkeyish Process Intervenes

The Grease Has Been Applied

And Here Lies The Horrible Results Of Many

And so ends the dreams and aspirations of many submitters who simply wanted a vibe or two.

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